The Autonomous University of Madrid hosts a seminar on functional foods and their importance in the diet of the future.

Throughout Tuesday, October 17, from 9.30 am, the headquarters of the Scientific Park of Madrid of the UAM will host an interesting meeting that will bring together experts from the Research Institute in Food Sciences and the IMDEA, belonging of its Campus of Excellence in collaboration with the CSIC.

A day will be presented the market trends and new technologies of companies and researchers around the nutrition of the future. All because at this moment a revolution is taking place in the field of food, thanks to scientific, biochemical or biomedical discoveries. Thus, we are witnessing a prolific moment of great advance in scientific knowledge, where our diet and food can be a tool to improve our health, as explained in SER Madrid Norte Guillermo Reglero, Professor of Food Science and Technology of the Autonomous University.

According to Reglero, technology can help a lot to design specific products for health. Something that the Japanese invented, who invented food for a specific purpose. So they can be a tool for the prevention and treatment of diseases, if we create food with a therapeutic purpose.

Regarding the problems with palm oil, sugars or saturated fats, he points out that it is a problem of food management. Because the consequences of its consumption have been known for some time and there are recommendations from the WHO in this regard.

Guillermo Reglero has directed 70 industrial projects in collaboration with companies and is the author of more than 250 publications of international impact, and of 3 patents in exploitation. He along with other experts such as doctors Javier Ortega and José María Pinilla, will participate in the various presentations open to companies, researchers, investors and interested staff.