How it works

Easy and simple. With a sample of saliva from home. All inclusive. No additional costs.

Once you have purchased the product on the web, you will receive, within a few days and at the place you indicate, the sample kit. In it, you will find everything necessary to perform the collection of saliva, as well as detailed instructions to guide you in each step.

Once your saliva sample has been collected, a messenger will arrive at the place you indicate to send your sample back to our laboratories. The courier costs are already included in the kit (only Spain included).

After a few weeks you will receive your information through the web. You can download the genetic report with the recommendations according to your genetics. that will allow you, from the first moment, to adapt your training and nutrition in a completely personalized way.

Based on the recommendations in the report, put your plan into practice to achieve your nutrition and athletic performance goals.

Enjoy your progress!