Chrono sport

Genetic test and sports report

Specifically developed for athletes who want to improve performance, this report consists of a high number of genetic variations that have an impact on nutrition and athletic performance. The recommendations of this report will provide you:

  • personalized nutrition recommendations
  • training recommendations based on your genetic profile
  • help to improve body composition
  • guidelines to optimize heart health
  • advice to determine nutrient needs
  • information about your risk of certain injuries
  • help to understand where your athletic performance strengths are

Do not hesitate, these recommendations will help you make the decisions of nutrition, exercise and overall healthy life that best suit your individual needs so that you can achieve optimum nutritional status and physical potential.


ChronoSport is the result of the development and functional validation of a genetic chip consisting of the conjunction of a group of genetic polymorphisms involved in the susceptibility to sports performance defined by values ​​intrinsic to it (proportion of muscle fibers, oxygenation of tissues, blood flow .. .), as well as complementary aspects related to the response to physical activity (energy metabolism, cellular hydration status, nutrient response, chronobiology).

The different genetic variants of the ForSport chip provide information on various parameters that, as a whole, provide an overall assessment of the individual predisposition towards sports performance:

In this way, the ForSport chip provides personalized information on the predisposition to present competitive advantages for certain types of sport, along with recommendations to adapt your training and your diet in order to reach the maximum potential and reduce the risk of serious injury.

Finally, some conclusions and personalized general recommendations are made.